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Saturday, October 20, 2007

Viral Video of the moment: A hilarious parody of those lame informercials - buy Gabe and Max's 'internet'

Gabe and Max are REAL geniuses! They have changed my life!! They taught me all about the intrawebs on a CD-ROM near you... They upgraded my computer to MS DOS 5 and set my world on fire! Just today I received a whole email in the post, it was printed on good quality paper and everything! All of your internets are pwned by my l33t sErva$!

Ha ha! Watch this hilarious video by Gabe and Max! It is a parody of those lame 'Change your life now, start a business from home, and impress all the ladies [or gents, as the case may be] in 423 steps'

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Monday, July 02, 2007

The Pirillo effect!?

Have you ever heard of this guy Chris Pirillo? Apparently there is an effect called the 'Pirillo effect' which says that if you use Chris Pirillo's name more than three times in your blog post he will show up and post a comment. So, let's see if Chris Pirillo will do that for me!

By the way, for anyone who has iPhone lust and is looking for a few good reasons NOT to buy one then watch this video of Christ Pirillo 'ranting' about the iphone...(the best reason I have so far is that they are not sold in South Africa, and even if they were, they only run on AT&T, so there is no way we could use them here)

If you watch the video let me know what you think. Doesn't he remind you of a young Woody Allen!? Thanks Chris! Now post a comment on my blog please!

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