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Tuesday, October 16, 2007

Freedom of the press under attack in South Africa - tie a yellow ribbon to your blog

Repost from http://www.trafficdepartment.co.za/.

Tie a yellow ribbon to your blog or website Today. It is a sad day, an attack on our freedom is being made. In honour of press freedom, tie a yellow ribbon to your blog or website.

To add a ribbon to your website simply right click on this image, save the location, or save the image to your hard drive, then add it to your blog posting.

Email me (see the link on the right) if you would like me to email the image directly to you.

For a full article describing the problem please see the Dispatch Online blog.

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Wednesday, October 10, 2007

No power, no phone lines - it's becoming a bit of a concern

This morning ESKOM decided to cut the power to our suburb in order to shed the load throughout the country. Normally this would not be a problem since we are notified in advance so we can prepare to boil bottles, and prepare Liam's food for the day... Sadly there was no warning. I guess it is time for this child of the first world to buy a gas stove...

Oh, and we've also had no telephone lines whatsoever since a storm on Saturday. So if you phone my office it will simply ring... Telkom says they'll attend to it, but 4 days later there is still no sign of a technician.

So, if you need to reach me please phone my cell phone... That is, until the battery goes flat...

If you're thinking 'how can Dion be blogging without a telephone line and power?', well, I am sitting in my 1 year old car at Hatfield Volkswagen (fourth time in two months with the same electrical fault) - this is a 'moblog', submitted via email from my Nokia E90 cell phone.

Aaaarrrggghhh! Today I need to pray for patience

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Tuesday, October 09, 2007

Free tickets to the World Cup Rugby final!

Do you want tickets to the world cup Rugby final? Well, there may just be someone who can help you with that! Take a look at picture below!

Now, how's that for a suggestion? Come on Kiwi's you know you don't need them! Send them our way!

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