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Sunday, July 19, 2009

An Acts 29 story! 'Not by might, nor by Power' the story of the Global Day of Prayer

My friends, Graham Power and Diane Vermooten, have published a magnificent book entitled 'Not by might, nor by Power: An account of Global Day of Prayer, the largest prayer movement in all recorded history'

This book tells the story of the birth and growth of the Global Day of Prayer / Transformation Africa movement from the very first stadium event in Cape Town in 2001 to events in every single nation on earth (220 of 220 nations across the world registered prayer events on the 31 of May 2009!) It is estimated that approximately 400 million people participated in events across the globe.

If you live in South Africa you can order the book locally at a cost of R100.00.
Tel: 079 183 7164 / 021 802 6809
Address: 8 Stellendal Road, Somerset West, 7130
Office Hours: 8:00 - 17:00 Mon ? Fri

If you live outside of South Africa you can order it from Amazon.com by clicking here.

Here's some info from the cover of the book.

Reading the history of the continent of Africa and its people there are many blood-stained punctuation marks ? years of colonization, millions of lives sold as slaves, genocide, war and famine. The African story has been told in pain; but through the misery there has always been a song of hope, a deep burning desire that Africa?s time would finally come... A time when Africa would become the bearer of light and no longer carry the burden of darkness.

In February 2000, only one year after Graham Power gave his life to the Lord, God began to speak instructions and a powerful promise into Graham?s spirit. God instructed Graham to call together Christians of all denominations to gather for a day of repentance and prayer. A vision of a united, prosperous Africa began to stir in his heart. Now less than a decade later, what began in South African in 2001 with one stadium gathering has grown into the world?s largest single prayer event, taking place in almost every nation across the globe.

Graham Power?s description of the beginning of the Global Day of Prayer is proof of the power of the Holy Spirit, a testimony to the effectiveness of believer?s prayers, and a guide to cultivating dynamic intercession.

This story will inspire and challenge you!
I've sent hundreds of copies of this book to friends and family (one of the blessings of getting an author's discount) and I can assure you that it is beautifully written (Diane has a remarkable way of telling a story!) and it is a great encouragement indeed to see how simple faithfulness and sheer determination can encourage and bless millions of people across the earth!


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