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Friday, June 06, 2008

Allister Sparks on joblessness, xenophobia and the ANC

Today a friend emailed me one of the most insightful political commentaries on the recent xenophobic attacks. It gives some decisive insights into the reasons for the friction between the poorest of our nation and the poorest of other nations. Sparks' article form the Natal Witness clearly points to the failures of government (under Thabo Mbeki's lead) and the greed of the ruling party, the ANC under Jacob Zuma's lead.

The end of the article is perhaps one of the clearest warnings that any political party can get.... Polokwane has taught us one thing - if you don't deliver you're out!

Read the article here: Jobless time bomb Allister Sparks Witness 28 May 2008.doc. It is magnificent (credit to the Natal Witness of 28 May 2008)


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