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Saturday, April 12, 2008

Copies of my three most recent books free to download.

Here are copies of my (own) three most recent books, please feel free to download them, share them, and use them as you please. All that I ask is that you please 'link back' to me when you use the books, either by pointing to my web page http://www.dionforster.com or to my blog /blogger.html ).

An uncommon spiritual path - the quest to find Jesus beyond conventional Christianity. Download the PDF file (click here)

Christ at the centre - discovering the cosmic Christ in the spirituality of Bede Griffiths. Download the PDF file (click here)

A prayer guide for use during examinations (with grateful thanks to Roger Prentice). Download the PDF file (click here)

If you would like to own 'paper copies' of any of my books please drop me a line if you're in South Africa (unfortunately I cannot give those away for free), or please buy copies from Amazon.com if you're outside of South Africa.


  • Hi Dion,

    Thank you for making your three recent books free online. This is truly in the spirit of the Internet ethos of sharing.

    By Blogger Alex Tang, at 7:39 AM  

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