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Monday, February 25, 2008

Unacceptable causes of death... Another example of poor communication.

This is a rather interesting label. It gives a list of 'unacceptable causes of death, as if there are ACCEPTABLE causes of death! Ha ha!

I guess what they intend is that the causes of death listed here could be harmful (i.e., through infection etc.) to those who deal with the dead person...

Anyway, if I should die of any of these 'unacceptable' causes of death, would one of you mind alerting the coroner!?

Having written this I was reminded of what Paul writes in Philippians 1:21 "For me to live is Christ, to die is gain..." Clearly Paul didn't really seem to care whether he lived or died... So for HIM at least there would have been no unacceptable causes of death. I suppose there is some measure of truth in this worldview! If the purpose of life is to devote one's self entirely and completely to Christ, then whether we do so in this life or the next is neither here nor there!

I do, of course, worry about some who may take this a little too far and fall into the trap of nihilism... We need to be certain that Paul was not UN-concerned about life! In fact quite the opposite! If you read the Pauline letters you will see that Paul spends a great deal of time writing and teaching about how one should live in this life in order to bring glory to God! No, Paul was concerned about LIFE, but not necessarily about living. What was more important for him was life in Christ, rather than living at all costs.

One thing, however, that Paul and I don't have in common is the fact that I am a family person, whereas he was not! Very often for married persons, and for those who are parents, our lives become less about ourselves and much more about living for the sake of those whom we love. As I read the Gospels and Epistles I can see that this issue is also address. There are two important aspects to keep in mind. The first is that no person, or relationship, should be of greater importance that our relationship with the all loving, all powerful, all knowing, God. The second, which is related to the first, is that we must surely believe that if we die the God who loves us will love and care for those whom we love. So, the importance of the spiritual disciplines of freeing one's self from self-reliance in favour of faith in God, and God's perfect will, is an ongoing concern that requires growth and commitment.

Anyway, this is not a subtle hint that I am dying! Have you ever known me to be subtle!? No, I am getting stronger and better by the day! Please keep praying for me as I work to get free from the infection to the wound on my leg. As for the 'metal bits', they seem to be doing what they were put in to do, and I am getting more and more mobile in my 'air cast' and on my crutches.

Please also pray that our insurance will replace my laptop and that I'll be able to get my beloved Mertyl (the orange Vespa) fixed. I spoke with the person who fixed her up and resprayed her last time. If I can get her there he promised to help me get her patched up!!! So, please pray for us!!


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  • Hi Dion

    As my mother normally tells me, all deaths are caused by the same thing: "Shortage of breath".

    I pray that your dear Vespa doesn't meet the same fate, and that you can "breathe some life" into her.

    This past Saturday I had thoughts of becoming your wardmate! I was riding home from a Pastoral Commission meeting on my trusty little Vuka, and as I was travelling down Barry Hertzog road through Linden, my very small mirrors were suddenly filled with a very large Pajero flashing its very bright lights at me.

    Since I was barrelling along at 80 (the fastest speed I can wring out of the poor thing) in an attempt to get away from this beast, the road is in a 60 zone, and there was another car next to me in the inside lane, I don't know where this cretin was expecting me to go.

    Once he had passed me (in the face of oncoming traffic), his mate in the passenger seat then started waving his sjambok out the window, so I decided that discretion would be the better part of valour and hung back as far as possible.

    Still - whip lashes across my face would have made for an interesting sermon illustration on Sunday...


    By Blogger Steven Jones, at 2:41 PM  

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