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Friday, February 22, 2008

Someone is selling nails from the Crucifixion on eBay... Mmmmm... I'll start saving.

I remember being approached many, many, many times by street vendors in the 'old city' of Jerusalem who assured me that they were selling pieces of the actual cross of Christ (some for as low as 1US$!). I personally saw a few people buying these little pieces of well aged wood...

I wonder how many people actually falls for this nonsense!

Here's a story of a guy who is selling nails from the Crucifixion on eBay... If someone remembers, please let us know if anyone actually buys the nails, and what they sell for! Thanks...

Here's the story -

200802210929 A fellow claims to have three of the nails used to crucify Christ to the cross a couple of thousand years ago.

If you believe him, you can buy them for 10 thousand euros on eBay.

Be warned that the nails are in poor condition and would need to be straightened and de-rusted before you could use them in a carpentry or woodworking project. Link

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