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Friday, February 01, 2008

SA Blog awards 2008 - Do you think a 'religion' blog would feature?

Today I saw a little blurb on amatomu.com about the upcoming SA Blog awards for 2008.

I looked at the categories for which blogs can be nominated and see that there is no category for 'religion'.

Do you think it is worth giving it a go? What do you think the chances are that one of us will make it? I will certainly be nominating my favourite South Africa blogs: daylight, Rockinthegrass, Wesselsplace, Gus' gruntleblog, Barry's seethru, and Steve's Khanya.

SA Blog Awards

Find out more about the South African Blog Awards and how to take part. Nominations open on 11 Feb, click here to read the rules, the categories and the list of judges


  • Couldn't discover what the categories are, because the connection kept timing out, but if it's anything like Digg, they will probably be pretty useless. I tried Digg a couple of times, but nothing that interested me fitted into any of their categories.

    I once complained about the categories on Amatomu -- that there was nothing for society, social issues, the humanities -- art, culture etc. As an example, I asked where religion fitted in in their existing categories. So they created a religion category. Well that was very nice, but what about education?

    One of the reasons I like Muti rather than Digg is that it lets you tag posts and so give them their own categories.

    Oh well, maybe one day I'll see what the categories are.

    By Blogger Steve Hayes, at 3:59 AM  

  • And now I've looked at the categories, I can't think of any that would fit any of the blogs I might nominate.

    They are just as bad as Digg.

    Perhaps we should start our own blog award -- we couldn't do worse.

    Possible categories:

    Science and technology
    Art and literature
    Religion and spirituality
    Home and family
    Politics and society
    Nature and travel

    any more?

    Most of those are categories missing from the "official" ones. And perhaps there should be a "misscelaneous category for blogs that don't fit into any of the others.

    By Blogger Steve Hayes, at 6:47 PM  

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