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Tuesday, February 19, 2008

A plushie brain cell... mmmmm.. gifts for geeks!

I don't know about you but getting a gift that shows thought, care, and insight, is always a great blessing! Examples are: the two die cast Vespa's my friend Wes bought me, the tin Vespa model my wife gave me to celebrate the award of my Phd, the Vespa cap that Ingrid Turton gave me for my birthday two years ago, the Vespa T-shirt Pete sent me for Christmas in 2006, and the 'geek questionaire' book that Dr Kate (Wright) gave me in 2005!

These are all great gifts because show insight, care, and thought.

Here's another great gift idea for the geek in your life!

 Us Files Images Productdetails Brain-Cell 01 The fun folks at Giant Microbes--makers of such plushified diseases as Hepatitis, Staph, and Ebola--also sell this cute stuffed neuron. It's only $7.95.

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