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Tuesday, February 19, 2008

MIT Professor's lecture on 'how to talk' (the science of a good 'talk')

Here's an amazing video on the science of a good speach / public talk given by an MIT Professor. I've seen parts of this before. It is a masterful mix of genre's (empirical research, phenomenological insight, and sprinkling of quite a few disciplines).

See how your preaching / public speaking equates (if you'll excuse the bad pun!)

MIT prof Patrick Winston gives an infamous annual talk called "How to Talk," a lecture on how to give good lectures. It's open to students and, apparently the public. This 1999 version of the talk (pre-Powerpoint!) is filled with damned good advice on persuasive public speaking, delivered in the form of "heuristics" that you can use to guide your own presentations. Link


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