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Monday, February 04, 2008

Lectures by Prof Klaus Nurnberger on Faith and Science (Lectures in Pretoria)

Dear friends,

I received email notification of these lectures today. I know Klaus well, and these are sure to be magnificent, insightful, and challenging!
Here are the details:

Faith and Science

All interested parties, including students, are cordially invited to a series of three seminars and one service on faith and science, Sundays from 6.00-8.00 pm at the Lutheran Church corner of Skinner and vd Walt Streets, central Pretoria. There is parking just next to the church in Skinner Street on the Unisa premises.

Many Christians find it difficult to come to terms with the relation between the biblical faith and modern scientific insight.

How did God create the world ? through a series of divine decrees or through a long process of evolution?

Is death the consequence of human sin or an essential characteristic of organic life?

If God has the power and the will to redeem, how can he allow so much sin, suffering and futility on earth?

Each session will have two sections of one hour each. In the first a natural scientist will present the scientific point of view.

In the second section the theologian will present the faith point of view. There will be time for discussion in both sections.

Bring you problems, your points of view, your critique of other positions. Let us see whether we can find a way forward.

10 February 2008 18-20 hrs

1. How did the universe come into being? From the Big Bang to the formation of the earth.

2. The message of the biblical creation stories.

17 February 2008 18-20 hrs

1. History of the earth and of life on earth.

2. The evolution of the biblical tradition.

24 February 2008 18-20 hrs

1. The evolution of species. In which ways are human beings different from other mammals?

2. The human being as a person and the personal God.

2 March 2008 (during the normal Service at 8.30)

1. Challenges that science poses to faith.

2. God as creative power and redeeming love.

(On this Sunday the format will be a worship service, but the liturgy, readings, sermon and prayers will focus on the topic of the series.)

For more details please send me an email.


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