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Friday, February 08, 2008

Its just not natural... The Bible is clear! They should never have hooked up... Unix / Windows

Yup, it has finally happened. It is an abomination of the highest order! Surely the Bible says something about this?

What am I talking about? Well, today I was alerted to UNIX tools for Windows Users!!!

That's like fitting a Porche motor to your lawnmower! Why would you do it!?

Why not just buy a Mac? It comes standard with UNIX under the bonnet! Heck, if you MUST use a beige box, then why not install Ubuntu Linux (it's free, it works fantastically, and it is virus free and powerful!)

Anyway, if you're a windows user who has been longing to show of some GNU (UNIX) skills then take a look at this:

Windows only: So you keep typing ls at the Windows command line instead of dir? Miss grep, wget, and tar on your PC? The open source UnixUtils project offers ports of "the most important" GNU command line utilities, including those listed as well as over 100 others. Usually we recommend using the Unix emulator Cygwin to get *nix command line goodness in Windows, but UnixUtils doesn't depend on the whole Cygwin layer to run?they're tried and true Windows executables. UnixUtils is a free download for Windows only. Thanks, Vijay!

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