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Wednesday, February 06, 2008

11 T-Shirts that only Geeks and Nerds would wear!

I'll confess... I have at least one of the T-Shirts on this list.... (click the link if the pictures don't load on my page - I've noticed that they don't load all the time).

  1. MySpace Junkie
    MySpace T Shirt
    There is probably an inverse relationship between the number of friends one has in reality to the number of friends one has on Myspace. So, for all of you Myspace friend adding psycho?s out there, this one is for you.
  2. WordPress Blogging Platform
    WordPress T Shirt
    I?m not sure how ecstatic a person could get about their word press blog. I mean, unless you?re making tons of money off of advertising like Perez Hilton, I can?t see you running out to buy your spanking new ?WordPress? t-shirt.
  3. Librarian Bust
    LIbrarian Google T Shirt
    Remember back in the 80?s when you had to do research for a paper and you would actually take ?trips? to the library? It?s obvious that with the advent of Google and how it transformed the search for information, that same paper that may have taken you 10 hours to research and write may now only take you 5! It?s great for the researchers but horrible for traditional librarians!
  4. RTFM
    RFTM T Shirt
    There seems to be a cleaver relationship between the geek phrase ?Read the Effing Manual? and the Red book that was endorsed by the former chairman of the communist part of China, Mao Zedong. I could just see Mao right now yelling to his deprived nation, ?RTFM!!!?
  5. PWN3D
    Pwn3d T Shirt
    For all of the gamers and other competitive nerds, this one?s for you.
  6. Graphic/Web Designers
    Dead Pixels T Shirt
    If you think you?ve got a ?sixth sense? for criticizing graphic design, you should probably own this one. If you often feel there could be something added to the space and the pixels ?just aren?t right?, you should own this one too!
  7. Wireless Frequency Network Nerds
    Wireless T Shirt
    Everyone knows that the universal frequency for a wifi signal is 802.11, why not wear it? Does this shirt somehow imply that you?d like others to connect to your ?personal? network? Hopefully your network isn?t password protected or you?ll probably be having a night alone.
  8. All your base are belong to us!
    All Your Base T Shirt
    So, this is a mash-up shirt that combines common hex values and the Zero Wing arcade game.
  9. Programming and Computer Languages
    Regular Expression T Shirt
    Binary Code T Shirt
  10. PTOE T Shirt
    PTOE T Shirt
    Just in case you?re really into chemistry and you haven?t already memorized each element in the Periodic Table of Elements, you can refer to your shirt?I?m sure this guy does.
  11. SYN - Denial of Attack
    SYN Denial T Shirt
    I?m not sure who this guy is sending his SYN packets to, but I hope it?s not our server!

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  • Hahaha.Awesome t-shirts...wish they were available at stores.

    By Anonymous Anonymous, at 10:01 AM  

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