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Thursday, October 25, 2007

Have you ever wondered what's inside a balloon animal? For people who have too much time on their hands...

Amazingly, some poor soul took the time, and clearly has great skill and imagination, to outline with anatomical precision, what exactly one finds inside a balloon dog...

He (or she) must have been a Masters or Doctoral student who has a chapter of that all important thesis due... Only that kind of pressure leads one to do something as creative, yet meaningless as this.

I recall once unpacking and repacking a number of cupboards, cleaning under the mudguards of my Vespa scooter, alphebatising my collection of Mac magazines, and moving the furniture around the lounge three times, when I had to submit a chapter of my Doctorate...

When I was a student at Rhodes University in Grahamstown we had a society called the RUWAB soc... It consisted of about 10 of us, all doing graduate work of some kind, who met before a critical deadline and constituted the Rhodes University Work Avoidance Behaviour society... The first one to break down and go and do some work had to buy everyone else a round of drinks. I never paid!

Anybody else done crazy things like this when you know you have other IMPORTANT things to do?



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